Digital marketing helps you save time and grow sales revenue, helps you improve your productivity if you are an HR , blah, blah, blah! We have talked a lot about what digital marketing can do, but there must be few trends that every digital marketer should embrace to make most out of it. This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

If you have read our article published on the 2nd of September , we talked about qualities that recruiters want from a digital marketer however, in this article we will talk about the trends a responsible digital marketer should embrace.

Before that, if you want take a look at the digital marketing landscape in 2014 to have a better understanding of what we are going to discuss, you can read out article here where we have talked about it in detail with some wonderful stat.

Anyway, for now let’s go ahead with our matter of the moment i.e. the key trends every digital marketer should embrace.

Perceptive Personalization

10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 1 Digital marketing makes it quite easier for you to spotlight your fans and also let them know as to how much you care for them by allowing you to do a more perceptive personalization. Hence, irrespective of what you are doing, personalization is an effective and virtually a free-of-cost way to create more intense connections with your fans whether it is a conversation with a specific hashtag that you have started or exclusive content to an opt-in list of superfans that you have shared.


10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 2
A simply amazing tool of digital marketing, retargeting works wonders by showing relevant ads to those potential customers who’ve already visited your website. Customers get to see your ads on other websites that makes them to come back to your site again. So, if you really want to keep your business etched in the minds of your audiences and reinforce your message numerous times in a short space of time, retargeting can really be powerful tool then.

Content Marketing


10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 3

At least by now we all are well aware with how helpful good content is in building reputation, in providing high ROI on marketing mullahs and most importantly, in separating credible sites from spammy websites. Moreover, you can even make use of various tools that are at your disposal to manage/create content and convert visitors into leads or customers. This is how content marketing allows you to go with such sustainable and economic marketing strategies that result in cheaper and better quality leads.

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Photos and Graphics


10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 4

A lot say younger audiences but if you actually go ahead and look into it you will discover that no matter how old people are, they love photos and recognition even from people they don’t know. Of course, younger generation can be a bit too intense about it. You can see how Instagram is exhibiting strong growth and all platforms are attempting to make photos more customary now. So, you just need to recognize with the need of the hour and capitalize. That it! Go ahead and build up your Instagram and Pinterest presence. Search out amazing photos and graphics and share them individually on every platform whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 5
We have published a number of case studies with relevant stats illustrating how different social media platforms have been benefitting businesses in n number of ways and how various brands are leveraging this channel to maximize their sales and eventually the ROI. Still, believe it or not there are businesses that are skeptical of leveraging this channel for marketing. Anyway it’s up to them but we will always recommend that they should try forming a concrete strategy around social media marketing. This channel possesses a great potential if you want to drive relevant traffic, increase brand awareness and make your past and would be customers actually become your fans.

Analytics Study

10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 6
Do you know even a minor factor like weather, the geographical area, time of the day or even the tactics that you utilize in social media can impact your bottom line? Yes! It does! And so it should be your top most priority to harness the data into profit planning. Data is the thing that gives you the right direction as to where to drive energy.

Multi-Channel Attribution


10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 7

It has become very crucial for you to keep track of every marketing channel by means of which you interact with a prospect before they become a customer and this is what we call multi-channel attribution. You need to know all of these touch points and not just first touch or last touch and do attributions based on them if you really want to quantify your marketing ROI.

Mobile-First Blueprint

10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 8 The way percentage of people consuming media on their phones is increasing overnight; targeting mobile users no more remains an add-on to a traditional digital media strategy. Marketers must pay proper attention on content that is made to order for the mobile platform. And, remember you need to create images and messaging customized for smaller screens and younger audiences if want to adapt for this channel.

Short Video


10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 9

Short video has become a powerful tool for advertising across multiple social media platforms. These short videos or say micro videos can be advertised anywhere Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, emails and of course YouTube. So, it’s the right time to get benefited from this opportunity and create short videos for customers but don’t forget to test the returns.

Integrated Data Analytics

10 Key Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Embrace 10
It is becoming increasingly crucial for you to track what people are doing across different platforms to prioritize your actions more effectively whether it is email marketing systems, websites or the CRM. But then you would not be able to do it effectively with disparate systems and that you must try integrating data analytics across all platforms and maximize the ROI.
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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make correct amendments in your strategies and implementations! Happy Marketing!

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