It’s that time of the year again. Heated boardroom discussions over changes in plans for the new year, venting out frustration over failed projects of the past year, and elevator altercations are commonplace as businesses all around the world gear up for yet another year of cut-throat competition. It is the digital age, and the pace of technological innovation does not show any signs of stopping.

But a bunch of positive resolution can be just the break from the mould that you had been hoping for. Read this post to find out the 10 ways that you can change the way content marketing works for your business, one viral post at a time.

10 content marketing resolutions to light up 2019-

1) Focus on quality over quantity

Small business owners are mostly guilty of prioritizing quantity over quality but a few large businesses also walk that doomed path too. This year, ditch all plans of going all out with your content. You do not need to post an Insta story every hour. Just two a day or even one every two days works just fine, as long as the users are hooked to what you have got to offer.

In-depth blog posts, relevant interactive posts and ephemeral content work really fine when it comes to keeping up user engagement through your content, so you do not have to drown your subscribers in a barrage of content all the time. Go easy on the volume, but never compromise on quality. Make that the first resolution for 2019, and you will be on the right content marketing track for the rest of the year.

2) Experiment with your content formats and styles

As a content marketer of the modern age, you must be no stranger to the emergence of dynamic content that transcends beyond the realms of the written form of content. Text-only content is a thing of the past, and visual elements like infographics, videos, GIFs, memes and photos are the latest sensation right now.

Naturally, your resolution for 2019 needs to be prepared accordingly so you do not miss out on these important forms of content when drawing up the content marketing strategy of the year. Sure, with backgrounds in writing, embracing all forms of content might be hard at first. But if you never try, you will never know how well you could have rocked at it. So pull up your socks and get to creating dynamic forms of content for all marketing and promotional platforms.

3) There’s much more to SEO than keywords

Target keywords reign supreme. That’s what the initial days as an SEO copywriter taught us. Going for keyword-rich headers, titles, sub-headers, paragraph breaks, and almost anywhere in the content was the ruling trend back then. But the times, they really have changed! SEO in 2019 is not only about the presence of target keywords in the copy. It extends to long-tailed and LSI searches and ensures the leverage of micro-moments to create a content marketing strategy that works for your business.

Never stuff keywords into a copy unless you are 100% sure of its relevance in the same, or readers of the modern age won’t hesitate before scrolling on, deeming months of content planning utterly in vain. Learn how to strike the perfect balance between keywords and an enjoyable copy, and you will know how to make them work in your favor!

4) Document more, and document better

Not many of you may believe this but turns out only 40% of businesses use a proper documentation process when it comes to their content marketing strategy. Documenting strategies is imperative if you want to surge ahead in the endeavors of helping the business grow into what you dream of. Organizations that have a well-documented content marketing strategy are way more likely to succeed in their marketing endeavors as it ensures a smoother execution of the same.

Be it Excel spreadsheets or Google Drive, make use of the plethora of digital options that you can get online to document your content marketing strategy for the year so you do not lag behind the rest of the competition.

5) Go all out for a Google Analytics certification

Every content marketer worth his or her analytics knowledge will swear by the Goole certification. The Google Analytics Academy is one of the finest spots online to pick up some of the essential digital marketing skills that you need to succeed. It looks stellar on your resume, and imagine getting a sneak-peek into the world of digital resources at Google!


While writers or the creatively inclined would not benefit much from the analytics certifications course, getting one for every member of the technical marketing team is a great idea. It will help you highlight the important aspects of the business, and certification from Google speaks a thousand words. In addition to learning more about marketing and analytics in the modern mesh, you will be able to stay a step ahead of the rest of your competitors in 2019.

6) Delve deeper into measurement factors

January is perhaps the busiest time of the year for smart marketers of the modern age as businesses try to bring about a few major upheavals in the way things worked before. However, the initial flurry of new plans and goals all gather dust by the time February arrives, leaving marketers to adopt those same old’ strategies to bring in more revenue. More often than not, the plan falls through, and understandably so.

If you are not clear about the specific changes that you need to bring in to the way things work at your marketing campaign, then you will never be able to come up with brilliant tactics that get more business your way. Know what you wish to measure in 2019. Be clear and specific in your measurement factor so they directly translate to results. Amp up your metrics, and you will know what needs to be tinkered with, and what’s working just fine in your strategy for the New Year.

7) Go with a well-formed content distribution plan

Do you have a proper content distribution plan in place yet? In which format does content get shared at your business? What are the performance measurement parameters? How do you keep track of the ones that are doing well online and the ones that need a bit of restructuring or a different approach? In 2019, you need to come up with your own content distribution plan that helps to run things smoothly from the production to measurements end. Set a few goals for the content distribution plan. For example, enlist the kinds of content you would be focusing on this year based on their performance stats from the year before. Delineate why everyone needs to follow the plan and come up with content that is aligned with the content distribution plan, and you will be good to go!

8) Bring in a few changes in the team and its functions

Make a few necessary changes in your team. Delegate tasks within the ones you rely on the most. Hire new recruits to manage the various forms of content as per your content marketing plan for the year. If you are focusing more on video content, get hold of a few good animators, graphic designers, and video producers to get the thing going as per your plan. If you relied mostly on Homework Writers for coming up with new content ideas, get a few extra minds to assist them in the process. Bring in more proofreaders and content managers to sort through the mounds of copies and content suggestions every day. Design a team that provides fulfillment at the end of the day and takes care of all assignments entrusted to them with élan.

9) Get your hands on the latest content development tech

From the latest analytics software to content creation portals powered by AI, there’s a wide range of options when it comes to digital tools of content marketing in the modern day. Make planning and organizing easier with apps like Trello or To-Doist. Think beyond traditional marketing and get IT to align itself with the marketing team to create better and more feasible tech solutions for the New Year! Invest in a whole new CRM platform or play around with the newest analytics software in the market – there’s no end to how well you can use tech to your advantage in 2019!

10) Make HR functions a lot smoother than before

It is 2019, and there’s never been a time more digitally advanced than right now. With digital grocery assistants and bots who know our go-to Chick-a-Fila order by heart (err, memory chips, to be precise), it is truly an innovative era. Rapidly transforming spaces and work cultures thus urge us towards the brink of another important change – that of becoming more adaptable.

It is, by all means, the most crucial element to ensure the success of your content marketing plan in 2019. Once you bring about a few essential changes in your staff, the way you manage projects and experiment a bit with leadership, the chances are that you will revamp your business goals and objectives in tune with the changing times. Go digital in performing your HR tasks, and bring about a new-age assessment system so you never run out of style!

Summing it up

The most resolute among us are quite often the ones that emerge as winners in every field, and frankly, that’s not too surprising. They have what it takes to carry through the goals that they have set for themselves, and are inspirations for what we all could become had we put a little more into planning a proper strategy. But it is never too late to change your ways, right? So this year, be more resolute than ever and implement the top 10 content marketing resolutions to take your business forward by leaps and bounds!

There’s always room for improvement in the promotional strategies, a bit of tinkering left to do with the HR functions, and content to be revised to fit the needs and demands of the user demographics. So why not make good use of the resolutions o 2019 to bring about the positive changes in your content marketing strategy this year? Pick the ones that are sure to work well with your content marketing strategy and make it a point to stick by them until the end o the year. Have some realistic objectives, and you can easily turn your content marketing dreams into realities, all thanks to a robust plan of action. Good luck for 2019!

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