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Facebook is one of the most potential advertising channels. This social network not only has 1.4 billion monthly active users but also makes plenty of money through its advertising platforms.

It serves the marketers with end numbers of features which help in earning huge benefits from the Facebook Ads. In this article, we will cover up 10 hidden Facebook advertising features, you probably didn’t know exist.

1) Facebook Ad’s Relevancy

This helps you receive the feedback from the customers that how it is performing. It keeps you updated with the information like that followed you and what is the reach of your post. This way you can identify the content that connects the audience.

It also provides a score that rates the relevancy of your advertisement displayed. If you don’t use psychographics and demographics dimensions to target the ad then, there is a possibility that the relevancy maybe decreased if many people hide it.

This feature is accessible from the ‘Manage Ads Page’.

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2) Audience Insights

It helps you in knowing your viewers in a better and efficient way as it reveals the essential information about your target audience. It is one of the most important yet hidden secret of Facebook Ad Engine. It helps you in looking out for the latest trends about potential and existing customers.

You can target the audience on the basis of Page likes, Demographics, Buy activity, Facebook usage, Language and Location. This way you can increase engagement on your Facebook Business Page.

It is located in the ‘Ads Manager’ category.

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3) Power Editor

This feature let the advertisers create Ad variations button. This is a bulk advertisement creation and management tool which provides full control of ad campaigns to the advertisers. It creates mix and match variations on the basis of types and placements.

This feature is present in the ‘Ads Manager’ category. Navigate there and select the advertisements at the top. As soon as data will begin to populate, a new button will appear, ‘Generate Variations’ then, you have to ‘Select Ad variations to generate’ and click on the ‘Generate’ button.

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4) Breakdown

With the help of this feature you can receive the information that why your ad isn’t doing well. The points you should pay attention to while running an ad are placement, age, day of the week and country. The upcoming ones can be improved as the information provided by this lets you know where the loop holes were last time.

It is located in the ‘Ads Manager’ present on the top right of ad results. Click on the ‘Breakdown’ button and a drop down box will appear having different options to choose from.

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 5) Video Views Audience

It plays a key role in promoting your business as videos increase the engagement and organic reach of your brand. Most of the people are not aware about the fact that the audience can be created with the people who watched your video as later on you can show them other advertisements. These people are more likely to click on your other services and products.

In order to create the audience, go to the ‘Ads Manager’ and click on Audiences. A dialog box will appear, click on ‘Create Audience’ and select ‘Custom Audience’ then, a new dialog box will appear in that select ‘Engagement on Facebook’ and then you can create the video on the basis of amount of views on your video. You can choose any video for this purpose and click on the ‘Confirm’ button present in the bottom right, name it and ‘Create Audience’.

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6) Facebook Ad’s Reporting

This feature provides you with the detailed information of your advertising campaign like the number of impressions, clicks and lot more. It gives you a clear understanding about the people who watch your ads and let you make a list of number of clicks. This way you can easily make a report and use the information to improve your Facebook ad performance.

With the help of this advertisers can determine that how a particular ad is performing on the basis of country, age and gender without even running split tests. The best part about this feature is that it also lets you edit the information you wish to change while making a report.

This feature is located in the ‘Ads Manager’ by the name of ‘Reports’.

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7) Free Stock Photographs in Facebook Ads

While running a Facebook Ad Campaign if you do not want to pay for a stock photo then Shutterstock got you covered. It provides you with thousands of images for completely free.

To access this feature, head into ‘Ads Manager’ then click on a green color button named, ‘Create Ad Button’ which is present at the top right. And when you reach Ad level where there is an option of adding an image and just click on ‘Free Stock images’. Just type a related keyword in the search box. Up to 6 images can be added to the ad for split testing.

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8) Facebook’s Custom Audience

Advertisers can retarget their existing customers which are referred to as custom audience. With the help of this feature, you’ll be notified who visited your website. Those people with whom they already have a relationship can be targeted.

This custom audience can be created by going onto an ‘Ads Create Tool’ or Power Editor.

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9) Crop Image

This helps you in providing your picture perfect look within dimensions. Pictures of specific size can only be added in Facebook Ads so with this you can select an image of correct size. It lets you make sure that your advertisement looks good on different platforms like mobile, desktop and right hand side etc.

This feature is located within ‘Ads Manager’, choose an image first then click on crop on the image present at the bottom of the image.

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10) Slideshow of Images

When you want to use more than one image but also do not wish to make a video as it will look bit too much. Then, Facebook comes to your rescue as it lets you create slideshow of the images which you want to run in the ad. With this you can also add music to the slideshow.

This feature is located in ‘Ads Manger’, select ‘Create New Ad’ there and click on ‘Slideshow’ and then finally on ‘Create slideshow’ present down the bottom.

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All these above tools are available for free in Facebook. Apply these secret features while running ads to get positive results. Using them ensures that you yield good results out of the Facebook Advertisement.

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