More like mini-computers smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The day by day increasing ubiquity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has destroyed several product categories. Let’s have a quick look to a few such products.


13 Once a must-have gadget camera has become the biggest loser after the smartphones have become popular among people. In fact there are a few gadgets that offer better photo quality than many prosumer cameras such as Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One etc.

Portable music and video player

22 If truth be told, people started losing interest in portable music and video players long before smartphones were launched as feature phones replaced them drastically. But of course, the arrival of iphone killed the MP3 players, while ipads dealt a deadly blow to the portable video player. And, the left was accomplished by the android-powered counterparts of these two Apple products.

PC & laptop


31 Although, personal computers are not completely killed by these mobile devices but still if you look at the market, you will find that PC sales across the world are dropping at a sharp clip. Especially those who want to surf internet, watch movies and play a few games, find tablets far more convenient than PCs.

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Wrist watch


41 Like it happened in case of music players, feature phone had already replaced the wrist watches to a great extent. Of course the advent of smartphones added more to it.


51 With smartphones, everyone have a flashlight app in their phone, which lead to a silent death for flashlight that used to be a must-have utility item in every home a few years ago.

Personal Digital Assistant

61 The precursors to smartphone in some ways, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) were quite helpful when it came to internet surfing, video playing and so on however; even they were killed by the advent of these multi-faceted gadgets.



71 The death of pagers at the hand of mobile phones is no big surprise, for they allowed you to send and receive messages while through mobile you can make a call or send text. So, like a few other gadgets pagers saw a quick death long before smartphones were launched.

Voice recorder

81 Voice recorders were used by a number of people for multipurpose activities like recording an interview, reviewing important point before giving a presentation and so on but people found it unnecessary to carry it if they have voice recording feature inbuilt in their mobile phones. These days, smartphone apps like Smart Voice Recorder do the job.

Navigation devices


91 Navigation devices helped a number of people by giving accurate directions to their destinations but now many gadgets like iPhones, iPads and Android devices comes with built-in mapping apps, making unnecessary to carry a navigation device in their cars.

Digital diary

10 Once a very popular gadget among the corporate crowd, digital diary have been greatly replaced by mobile phones and tablets as there are a plethora of apps to be used on these gadgets that can perform all the functions of a digital diary.
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The bottom line

Why would you carry multiple devices if your one gadget can serve for all the purposes and that too more efficiently?

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