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Do you find it challenging to grab attention of your audience on Facebook?

It is obviously.

At present, users see thousands of messages at once via Facebook, email, online ads, texts, and other outlets and so, it becomes even more challenging to keep their attention.

Yet, to effectively achieve this, what should be done?

The most important thing is to excel with offering engagement i.e. to create engaging Facebook videos.

According to studies made, as a marketer, you have on average, around 2-3 seconds to engage a Facebook video watcher.

audience retention

So, what to do?

In this post, we have mentioned 10 time-tested ideas that will bring about greater engagement for your Facebook videos. Here we go:

1) Don’t create a long, drawn-out introduction

Yes, when creating Facebook videos, it’s recommended to not to waste time towards the start.

Here, your work must get to the point.

It can be achieved by creating compelling videos, not by creating a long, drawn-out introduction that progressively develops with some breathtaking climax, stunning & surprising a visitor.

How to do this?
  • Use powerful thumbnail images.
  • Add a nice teaser sentence hinting at what the video is about.

facebook thumbnail

2) Captions are helpful

The number of Facebook users preferring to watch videos with the sound on somewhere lays around 85%. (There is no definitive proof for this.

However, Facebook now autoplays videos on mobile with sound. And, the setting can be disabled, and videos can play with no sound on mobile if a user’s phone is in silent mode.


Discussing of captions, these help users understand videos on Facebook, even if there is no audio. Thus, by using captions you lesser the chance of losing users even if they can’t understand the video without sound.


3) Your video has a descriptive, appealing title

It’s important to choose a name cleverly and so, ensure that your video has a descriptive, charismatic title.

As it is a common practice to optimize individual webpages, your Facebook video must be given well-suited title with focused keywords, leading to increased visibility.

fb title

4) Provide users with a brief synopsis

Your Facebook post copy should be written in a way letting your visitors know the content of your video.

When people view a video online, they need to take time to stop initially and so, the procedure encompasses time commitment.

When you offer a brief summation on your video content, you increase the chances of sparking their interest. Further, they end up watching it.

How can it be done?
  • With an informative sentence
  • With a fitting thumbnail

5) Put a CTA (Call-to-Action)

By adding a suggestion to take action (CTA), you provide your Facebook users with clear direction on what you want them to do. And, it draws higher click-through-rates (CTRs), conversions, and more.


Where to put a CTA?
  • Inside of the post copy
  • Throughout the video itself
  • At the end of the video with a text overlay

6) Use square videos

When taking care of video formatting, you must pay attention to the shape of your video. The profound sense says that you should take care attentively whether to use a square video or a landscape video.

And, as it has been found that square videos receive higher amounts of engagement, views, and reach, particularly on mobile, this bodes well.

Majority of Facebook users are on mobile and square videos rank up the majority on the mobile News Feed.

square videos

7) Tag others relevantly 

Tagging is easy and should be done.

When coming up with your Facebook video wherein you have mentioned other businesses/brands or if you think that others would be interested in seeing it, it’s a workable strategy to tag them.

However, make sure to keep tagging relevant and on topic.

How to tag brands/businesses/people?
  • Type the “@” symbol before the person or title of the page that you wish to tag.


8) Post directly to Facebook

When you add your videos directly to Facebook, you enable them to rank all the more evidently in the News Feed.

Also, when sharing your YouTube video on Facebook, avoid copying and pasting the YouTube link and instead, post the video again directly to Facebook.

facebook native

9) Consider going “Live”

Live video is a growing trend.

When brands/ businesses get in front of their audience through a Live Video i.e. a direct way, it helps them increase their level of relatability and trust.

Live videos have been frequently discovered causing a knock in users exploring a page’s content as holding their interest for a longer period of time.

live video - Copy

With the increasing popularity, Facebook’s algorithm has been updated in order to favor live videos and so, brings more engagement.

10) Create copy fitted specific to Facebook

In present-day time, you as a marketer someway need to have your presence on multiple social media platforms.

But, in the midst of all, there should be your specific approach for Facebook. Yes, create your individual copy customized particularly for Facebook.

This will secure you against sounding automated and generic and will likewise enable playing to each channel’s qualities.

To understand clearly: For Facebook, there is a much longer character limit (63,206) per post. Whenever required, you can use this to deliver longer messages that will likely get more engagement. Comments also have a character limit of 8,000, which invites users to write more drawn out messages on individual posts.

What’s more?

So, in an advertising world, where you get less than 3 seconds to grab a user’s attention, it’s directive to contribute time strategizing on the most ideal approaches to do so.

Facebook as a platform is unbelievably powerful and so, use your videos strategically to take full preferred advantage.

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