Facebook has been one of the top-notch social platforms since its inception. The journey has been long and saw many changes, but in 2018 there was a dramatic change in its content feed algorithm.

Earlier, the content was posted and boosted on the basis of engagement and chronology, but now Facebook promotes the content of family, friends and relevant groups.

The change was great for common Facebook users, but for businesses, it brought a bit of a challenge.

Public videos are now pushed down comparing to content and therefore can cause headache to businesses.

To popularize the videos like ever, there are secrets which when revealed and used can turn to be a great brand broadcaster, lead generator and information provider.

1) Post to the relevant places

Facebook promotes things that are relevant to every user. As such content posted to groups which users already follow and engages with is going to be advertised to them at a higher frequency.

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If you join such groups and share your content in that group can prove to be a remarkable decision for engagement building.

Your shared content would move to every user of that group and they may share your content out of the group.

But, remember this can happen only when you’ve chosen the right places to post as well as your post is relevant at mass scale.

2) Post evergreen content

Try to avoid generic content and prefer evergreen content in your videos. Facebook videos take a little more time to create momentum now, so posting an evergreen content would be an ideal step.

Evergreen content is non-topical & non-seasonal and always suited the interest of customers.

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As topical and seasonal content own its place, evergreen content can’t be advertised more long-term.

This enables you to create shares and likes and provides it better ROI.

Simultaneously, a part of seasonal content can be utilized to revive your audience.

3) Create humorous videos

People are extremely busy in their life and don’t have spare time to pay attention to other things.

Thus, they a look for a short-term resource which is not only informative but also comprises humor, so what could be better than a video?

A Facebook video filled with humor and information could be a great resource of engagement.

This is because these videos are highly entertaining and offering a good time to social media audience of Facebook.

But, when you’re adding humor to your video, take care of following things-
  • It’s not hurting the emotion of users.
  • It’s not targeting any religion, caste or creed.
  • It’s not asking for money.

4) Use paid advertising

Facebook are keener to promote paid advertising. Paid advertising not only grow your audience but also it’s very much targeted.

This is a kind of advertising where you can tell the platform to display your ads to users who already mirrors your existing demographics.

It’s quite understandable that you would have a limited budget for your paid advertising for initial campaigns. But, paid advertising quickly builds your audience which can ultimately develop your organic traffic.

If not done in this you may have to spend a lot of time and effort in branding and audience creation.

FB 4

5) Ensure your video is valuable

You would be a ton of videos on your Facebook page on an everyday basis, but don’t watch everyone, right?

You’re not the only one; rather there are many users who used to watch videos which keep value for them.

The concept is when you’re creating a Facebook video; ensure you’re putting some value to it.

So while creating your video, ask two questions to yourself-
  • How is this video useful?
  • Who is this video useful to?

Valuable videos are those videos which get reactions and shares. Also, keep in mind a relevant industry video is more watchable than others.

6) Promote engagement and shares

A smart business player never feels hesitated in asking its audience for a favor.  So, when you’ve created something valuable and affordable for your target audience, ask them to share your content.

When you’re asking your followers to promote your content, be gentle and humble. This will help you in getting more shares and engagement for your content.

7) Go for live broadcasts

These days, Facebook is highly oriented on live streaming videos. It has made huge changes in its algorithm to promote such content.

Live broadcast does bring great value for your followers as well as they start gaining interest and trust in your brand and business.

You start getting more followers, their engagement and own their trust as well.

These live streaming videos are useful for short updates, question-answer program, and insight, etc.

8) Rather than sound, use caption in your video

These days different types of videos are in trend and few are the examples are soundless videos and in-streaming videos.

Most of the users want videos that don’t have sound or music. Rather rely on captioning. You don’t need to add sound to drive the attention of your audience to your videos. Using powerful captions can also do a great job for you.

9) Be critical with your synopsis

Your synopsis for your marketing video needs to be clear and precise providing a short but detailed description.

Your short but best description will give your audience a teaser of the content and may encourage them to watch the video from beginning to the end.

A good synopsis lets your audience know what they’ll learn by watching your video.

If you don’t have an idea of description writing, you can research or take help of expert writers.

10) Review your statistics

Facebook provides strong analytics that helps you know the details of your audience. Thus you can map and analyze your audience activities.

Reviewing your video stats help you derive new ways to create and promote your videos.

These stats would reveal when people engage with your posts, which content they most liked and which content they more shared. There are other types of information available as well.

FB 10


Facebook videos can really prove worthy for your business.

But, you need to know the secrets of making your videos winner.

Here are 10 Facebook video secrets that can do a miracle for business expansion.

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