Content marketing sometimes feels like it requires blood, sweat, and tears to achieve anything of value. Devoting time to a promotion strategy and being met with crickets can be discouraging. While some brands make it look easy, the reality is that it isn’t always so simple to promote content.

With the market and airwaves oversaturated, standing out demands skill. Fruitful content promotion is the true mark of success. Although at times, it feels almost impossible to get your content the attention it deserves without paying.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to share tricks of the trade that will help get your content noticed. These are the techniques that long-time pros know to be absolute game-changers. Read on to discover 10 of the biggest content promotion secrets that promoters don’t want you to find out.

1) Long-Form Blogs Rule

Almost anyone will tell you that blogging is a great way to promote your content. Blog they said, it’ll be easy, they said. With so many blogs out there today, the number of posts to sift through is staggering. Therefore, making your blog stand out requires a little extra elbow grease.

Perhaps writing short and pithy blog posts is more comfortable, but they won’t garner as much attention as longer posts. As a rule of thumb, your blog posts need to be at least 1,500 words to gain a decent amount of traction. Blog posts that run anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 words are twice more likely to get shared than shorter blogs.


Long-form content allows for brand-building. The more time a visitor spends on your site, the more time they have to absorb your brand. If they like what they see, they’ll come back for more. Thus, whether or not they read the entire post, they are more likely to start visiting your site regularly.

2) Videos Aren’t Redundant

It’s a given that blogs can help your brand get more exposure. Although as social media grows and feeds surge with content, it’s a video that is winning out. Therefore, making a video for your more popular blog posts can be a brilliant idea.

On top of capitalizing on content that is already successful, you can ensure that it reaches different audiences. As audiences of different ages tend to consume content differently, it’s a good idea to cover all of your bases. Make your content available to users in as many ways as possible.

You don’t have to worry about your content being redundant. Of course, you will want to ensure that you don’t just read what’s in the blog post. Put together a video that’s concise, fun, and engaging but gets your message across.

3) Use Your Voice

No, I don’t mean to simply speak from your heart. I’m talking about using your actual voice and vocal cords here! Convert the content you’ve already created into audio form and share it with other audiences. It’s always a brilliant idea to capitalize on niche markets, and podcast lovers are a perfect example.

Podcasts are extremely popular these days and possess a unique shareability. In addition to penetrating niche markets, you’ll save a bit of money. Consider that all you need to make a podcast is a smartphone.

When it comes to distribution channels, podcasts are certainly not at a loss. You can upload content to the Podcast app, add it SoundCloud or allow visitors to download it directly from your website. The easier you make it for users to access and share your content, the better. After that, sit back and watch your audience grow.


4) Customize Distribution

Creating content is only half the battle. In fact, the toughest part of the job begins once you press publish. Sharing or distributing your content has to be one of the most critical factors in getting it seen.

While it’s easier than ever to hit ‘share’ and send your content to multiple platforms at once, that’s a rookie mistake. You have to take into consideration the fact all platforms work differently. Sharing the same content to Facebook and a Google search is not only ineffective, but it can undo your hard work.

Learning about how each distribution channel or platform works will help you adjust your promotion to it. Crafting nuanced promotions will boost your chances of success in each distribution channel and increase your content’s visibility. Even though it may take a little more time in the beginning, an uptick in clicks, engagement, and visitors is sure to follow.

5) Join Groups on Social

Promoting your content on social media is a staple of content marketing. Although merely sharing your content on your page can limit how many people see it. With social media algorithms favoring the most current posts, your content can quickly get tossed to the wayside.

One way to work against the algorithm is by specifying your audience. When you share content in a group on social platforms like Facebook, Slack, or Linkedin, it can get more engagement. Additionally, these groups often have push notifications, which will ensure that users see the content.


You should not only share your content but also engage with other users’ content, too. By liking and commenting on the content in the group, you can form friendships with other members. These virtual friendships can provide you with feedback on your content, as well as a boost in social media shares.

6) Influential Reciprocity

You don’t have to be a content marketing expert to know how far-reaching influencers can be. From festivals to fashion houses, brands understand that the perfect photo with the right influencer can send sales soaring. While this may be true, not all brands can afford to pay big bucks for promotion.

That’s understandable, and you should know that there are other ways to interact with influencers. Directly interacting with influencers by regularly liking and sharing their content is a great way to get started. Influencers who align with your brand and target audience will be happy to partner up with you.

It all goes back to the idea of you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Building this mutually beneficial relationship helps both parties boost their clout. Furthermore, if you work it out just right, it can be totally free!

7) Follow the Upvote

Influencers may have serious power when it comes to promoting content, but they aren’t the only ones. Ordinary people can also have a lot of sways when it comes to pushing content upwards. This is especially true on platforms like Inbound, Growth Hackers, and Hackers News.

Platforms like these bring together experts in their fields who can vote on content based on their opinions. Not only do these platforms allow you to connect and engage with these audiences, but you can also get feedback, too. Feedback from these upvoting sites can help you improve current content and brainstorm future content.

Moreover, by joining these communities, you can build a following and network. Then, you can leverage that networking for upvotes. Gathering upvotes will ensure that your content gets more exposure and better promotion.

8) Strategically Run Paid Ads

Paying for advertisement is necessary, especially if you are only starting to promote your content. It can be hard to get your content to reach audiences without that extra push that paid ads allow. Regardless, paying for advertising left and right may not be the best content promotion strategy for your brand.

In order to benefit from paid ads, you have to spend some time narrowing down your target audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, StumbleUpon, and Outbrain are ideal places to do just that. These platforms have functions that permit you to target your ads to specific groups.

Facebook, for instance, lets you select audiences according to their demographics and interests. On the other hand, StumbleUpon allows you to create campaigns based on age, location, and even device. With all of the paid ads options available online, it’s in your best interest to craft a thoughtful strategy.

9) There’s more to AdWords than you think

Analytics doesn’t only show you what you’re doing well; they can also show you what you’re not doing so well. Using Google AdWords to find customer’s informational pain points can help you redirect your content strategies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find this information in Adwords, but when you do, you’ll feel like a genius!

Enter your AdWords account and find the option for ‘dynamic search ads.’ Although the original purpose for this feature was to create ads for e-commerce sites, it holds a lot of useful information. This feature reveals keywords that your content or site would rank for.

dynmic ads

Bear in mind that this feature only works if your site ranks as credible. If it’s not, then that’s something you’ll have to correct to be able to continue. Either way, once you’ve got those keywords, you can use them to promote and develop more of your content effectively.

10) Sharing Secrets Can Help

Perhaps it is psychological or societal, but we often view secrets as things deep, dark and scary things. The reality is that in the world of today, being open and candid is extremely valuable. Followers want to feel close to brands, so nurturing a kind of intimacy can be beneficial.

Granted that no one is expecting your brand to share its deepest, darkest secrets, but giving a glimpse inside your world is enough. Airing some behind the scenes content or revealing your brand’s glow up can help form a deeper connection with your audience

Even if your brand is not ready to tell all, know that it’s an option for the future. People who are interested in your brand and content will always want more. Making it personal and disclosing some secrets builds trust and helps cement brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts on Content Promotion

When it comes to promoting your content well, there are a lot of things experts won’t share with you. However, with these secrets from seasoned content marketers, the promotion will be that much easier. With your business flourishing due to your wildly popular content, you’ll be able to focus your energies elsewhere.

Any brands looking to succeed in today’s fast-paced market should also consider incorporating phone payments into their business. After all, if your content is mobile, but your payment forms aren’t, you may lose out on some profit. Follow the future and carpet the cash.

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