Are you unable to keep yourself motivated and inspired by social media events?

This may happen when you aren’t able to gather information about forthcoming events, programs and also you can’t collect attractive images, insightful videos and engaging GIFs.

There would be a lot of things stopping you to access your social media world excitingly.

But, now you can maintain a rocking social presence with these 10 different & amazing tools

1) Almighty Press


Almighty Press is the tool where you get viral news, before it gets Viral.


You can find, curate and distribute trending content before its Trending.

What more you ask for social media inspiration when you get to know about the news before it becomes popular.

You may have done it before, searched content on the internet and troubled due to unavailability of absolute information.

Almighty Press brings troubleshooting for your information access as you’ll be able to find relevant social media content in no time.

You can sign up for 14-days trial and can search your content with the help of keyword.

2) Twitter’s Business Blog


How much you know Twitter?

Why this question?

We all know that Twitter is a microblogging site where communication is orchestrated through tweets. But, the site also offers much more than this and amongst one of those vital features is its Business Blog.

You would never like to miss the events on Twitter and this is where Twitter’s Business Blog publishes a calendar roughly 1 week ahead of every month.

This will allow you to remain ready for every action on Twitter.

The Twitter calendar includes all upcoming events and thus, what can be more motivational than this to keep you inspired.

3) Forekast


Forekast is called “Calendar of the Internet”.  The calendar lets its users know which event is coming up and what’s happening around them on social media.

What can you do on Forekast?

Forekast offers you numerous features like “Award Votes, Set Reminders, Add Comments, and Customized Subkasts”.

In Award Votes, events are posted and voted on by the community. As the votes start accumulating, the most popular events start arriving at the top creating a calendar of upcoming events. With “Set Reminder” option, you can add your favorite event to your calendar.

Every event belongs to categories called “Subkasts”, thus you can access your events in a customized way.

4) Today on the Internet


What’s Today on the Internet?

This question strikes every morning to everyone.

So, for social media, you should watch “What’s Today on the Internet”, a hub of GIFs, images and videos and all of them are exemplary.

The site includes top trending images, videos and GIFs and the best part of the tool is it gets updated every 24 hours so that you can rule your game always.

If you’re really looking for inspiration on social media, nothing would be better than Today on the Internet’s inventory.

5) Evernote &

Have you heard about “Swipe File”?


Creating “Swipe File” will help you a lot for your social media activities.

So, what is “Swipe File” and why is it important?

It’s a place where all of your favorite social media content can be stored which others have created. So, whenever you need to get inspired, you can check out them and keep your creative juices flowing.

To make a Swipe File, you have a great combination of tools like and Evernote. is a screenshot that enables you to clip images and mark them up. You can also add emojis, texts so that you can remember what caught your attention about the piece in the first place. Then save the images to Evernote.


6) XMind


Xmind has a 250 score on Google Review Count scale.

It’s regarded as the industry leader in brainstorming software and mind mapping and always focus on delivering great user experiences.

Xmind develops productivity software and services to its users that help them to have effective communication and collaboration.

The tool helps people getting great results by endeavoring less.


7) FaqFox


FaqFox scores 176 on Google Review Count scale.

Content ideas help you get more popularity on social media. But, one looks for proper research before bringing the pieces of content to the platform.

FaqFox is a tool that offers free online market research tool.

The tool comes up with a search engine where you can enter a keyword or topic, then either pick from a selection of popular content areas or enter websites.

Then get a list of results where you can see what your prospective audience is looking for.

8) Bottlenose


On Google Review Count scale, Bottlenose has a score of 170.

Bottlenose is a tool that smartly discovers data and allows users to get real-time insights into the trends that can influence your business.

The tool helps you to track consumer and audience intelligence, customer and product intelligence as well as track competitors, risks and threats related to business.

With Bottlenose, you can listen to what social media is saying to you, and analytics for marketers to research.

9) BigDig


BigDig has a score of 151 in Google Review Count scale.

BigDig is one of the successful tools of Idea Sandbox where you can get thoughts of great thinkers and writers.

More advantageous to this is click to dig an idea and if you don’t like it, dig again.

So, you don’t have to pull up your social media content to remain inspired for performing on various social media platforms.

The tool is extremely effective in bringing you latest news about social media.

10) Skitch


Skitch belongs to the Evernote family and the first thing that strikes the mind is its productivity.

Again you can doodle all over photos and then can share them with your friends like you do in Snapchat. Skitch is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to markup virtually any document or content.


Social media loves fresh, unique and new content whether in form of text, images, videos or GIFs.

Sometimes getting proper content becomes hard to find on the internet and thus, users start losing interest in social activities.

To keep you motivated and inspired by social media, above mentioned tools will be very much helpful.

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