1. Pokemon: Ash’s journey to become and Pokemon master and team rocket creating hurdles in his journey was quite fun to watch.

2. Beyblade: The story of Bladebreakers with Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max and kenny ruling the world of beyblade championships.

3. Chip ‘n’ Dale: Story of chipmunks starting a detective agency was quite fascinating in our childhood.

4. Noddy: The adventures of a little wooden puppet thriving thru the toyland.

5. Tom & Jerry: One just can’t get over these friends cum enemy cat and mouse and all the naughty stuff they do to irritate each other.

6. Scooby-doo: A super coward dog who always by mistake solves the ghost mysteries.

7. Aladdin: The sweet love story of an Urchin (Aladdin) with a magic lamp, who falls in love with a princess was quite adorable in our childhood.

8. Popeye: The tales of a sailor man, with his girlfriend Olive, who taught us that spinach is actually good and can make us stronger.

9. Mickey mouse: The story of a mouse who made us realize the value of friendship, love and family.

10. The Jungle Book: The story of a young boy who was lost in jungle and was brought up by the wolf’s was one of the rarest things that can ever happen to us.

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