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It is very essential for keeping your customers engaged all the time in any business irrespective of the size and industry.

According to Peter Farago, “Understanding and improving user engagement is the new currency of doing business in the new digital world.” Thus, all businesses need to influence the customers aggressively to drive their growth with different perspectives.

Push notifications are one of the kinds of marketing strategy deliberately encourage the customers about the products. There is a huge variety of availability of push notification services in the market.

In terms of use, the receiver should take these alerts, usually during installation, or in settings, where they could turn them off or on later on should they change their mind. Bearing that in mind, a great implementation on Push Notifications would be to create settings flexible and let the users select which notifications are they interested in. If you offer them just two options (turn notifications OFF / ON), they’re more likely to disable them.

Although there is no tool which is 100% perfect, following are the list of popular services that can help you handle push notifications.

1) Urban Airship


The Urban Airship is an Omni-channel marketing platform that helps you to deliver relevant and personalized messaging to your customers through push notifications.

The deep linking helps to send any URL to improve user experience and the conversion rate is higher in this case. The push notification on this platform set triggers for programmatic and real-time notifications by optimizing web notifications.

The push notifications allow mobile app engagement, segmentation, and integration with Google Wallet and Apple Passbook.


The essential plan starts at $149 and comprehensive at $349 a month.

2) Accengage

Accengage is not having a long history as Urban Airship but is considered as best app push notification tools. It is a flexible and comfortable tool that supports interactive push notification messages. You can reach to your customers through different push notification messages, popups, and banners, etc.

The customizations, personalization tools helps to target specific audiences. It also easy to integrate geofencing technologies for location-based events. The app push notification platform also supports A/B testing, deep linking, and multilanguage messages for better customer satisfaction.

rank (2)


No pricing mention on site, accepting custom quotes.

3) Pushmaze

Pushmaze is the self-hosted web and mobile push notification service to send trackable notifications via FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). You can completely access to all your data though it is a self-hosted software. It allows users with web and mobile push notifications on browsers for free.

The best thing is, unlike other tools in our list, Pushmaze does not demand any recurring payment or charges for sending the notifications. With a one-time purchasing cost, you can simply own the software for good and send as many free notifications.

Pushmaze allows building simple and complex segments to provide a relevant user experience. The segmentation is done with so many attributes which include demographics, location, technology, lifecycle stage and many more. It helps in engaging users with a series of promotional content relevant to their interests.

This is highly available, durable, secure, and fully managed messaging service. It provides high-throughput many-to-many messaging. It also supports all the features that help to make the customers more engaging to take an action like rich media, action buttons, and personalization, etc.

rank (3)


Customized enterprise pricing (On quotes)

4) Leanplum

Leanplum is a managed, scalable, and cross-platform push intermediary service. It is about automation and personalization that take things into a new level. The user interface can programmatically be tailored to specific users. It enables app professionals to automatically send personalized messages based on different attributes and behavior.

Leanplum helps in retaining existing customers by reducing the churn and increases sales by engaging your customer base. It also drives growth by delivering optimized campaigns across the appropriate messaging channels.

rank (4)


Customized enterprise pricing (On quotes)

5) Push Woosh

Push Woosh is a scalable system that allows the organizations to send messages on different app development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, etc. It delivers the messages by defining the target audience and plan accordingly about the strategies to facilitate users with more personalized and relevant content.

It provides an easy segmentation with advanced statistics support. It also provides multilanguage support and location-based tagging to engage with more customers.

rank (5)


Free for up to 1000 devices, and $125.95 with all developer features

6) Carnival

It is a key tool to run multiple push notifications with friendly mobile app platform. It helps the marketing and developer teams to easily run push notification campaigns. The in-app messaging and customizable message in the platform helps in building audiences.

The user behavior analytics, settings of time zone, and location-based message automation help to send the notification directly to the inbox.

You can insert the individualized data into every message such as name, account information, and loyalty status in personalization.

rank (6)


The basic self-service pricing starts at $250/month and equates in between $0.007 – $0.01 per monthly active user.

7) PushEngage

PushEngage is the most trusted push notification services that are used by different websites across many countries. It is very easy to set up. The automatic dynamic segmentation using URL helps for higher click rates.

You can get the detailed analytics on the push notifications opt-in for better subscription rate. It is also possible to send a notification based on customer action through PushEngage. You can also create campaigns of notifications for leads and conversions.

rank (7)


The monthly cost will be starting from $39.

8) Mixpanel

Mixpanel tracks all the actions people take in mobile or web application. It monitors the engagement and let you know about which one needs attention.

The targeted messages, scheduling of notifications, A/B testing of messages to find out the appropriate one are few features that help in building customer engagement. The event tracking, real-time data analysis, and retroactive funnel reports also help for higher conversion rate. It can also quickly visualize your data and segment it.

rank (1)


Custom pricing

9) Kahuna

Kahuna allows marketers with personalized push notifications after analyzing user behavior. This reporting tool also helps enterprises in understanding their users. The kahuna plugin enables you to send targeted notifications for both iOS and Android platforms.

This tool also allows real-time push notifications for customers with enhanced customer segmentation. The automatic features help the marketers to handle more than 8 campaigns altogether. It also analyzes the inactive users and delivers the information accordingly.

The delivery time, user interface, and built-in analytics help exclusively in the engagement of customers.

rank (8)


Custom pricing

10) Pushcrew

Pushcrew is a web-based push notification tool which is mostly used by marketers, online content publishers. It helps in adding the images, emoticons, and CTA buttons to the push notifications.

It helps in recovering the revenue through cart abandonment campaigns and boost revenue. It also increases the conversion rate with automated behavior-based campaigns. It helps in building customer lifecycle campaigns.

Pushcrew helps in building subscriber based powerful conditional statements and logical operations through the dashboard.

rank (2)


The business plan for including the premium plan starts from 59$ per month billed annually.

To conclude

The above-mentioned list is some of the favorite push notification tools. You can choose the service providers according to your requirements. Many tools offer various approaches of push notifications with their unique offerings with affordable pricing. It’s highly recommendable to consider all your requirements and then choose the choice wisely.

Hope, the comprehensive list should cover the needs of your product.

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