Why is guest blogging valuable?

What benefits one can have from guest blogging?

There are several questions that strike when accepting guest blogs or offering the same.

Let’s find out the reasons-

1) Generates Backlinks

Backlinks help you get high domain authority for your website. If you generate more backlinks, they will subsequently increase your website ranking. Therefore, websites allowing guest postings chose the writer on the basis of backlink factor. Guest blogging also helps increasing backlinks for your website as well.


2) Makes Your Website Popular

Many of the bloggers think that their platform is not widely popular and the content won’t be sailing endlessly. There if you chose bigger platforms like Entrepreneur, Moz, Forbes, or Fortune and share your blogs on those platforms in the form of guest blogging, it will help you and your website is getting popular. You’ll be able to receive feedback in the form of comments and help you know whether your blogs have been worth sharing or not.



3) Increases Your Personal Network

Guest posting helps in widening your personal network. You can endlessly increase it.

For instance, few websites which accept guest posting create a niche of contributors with particular expertise. It may be possible that you get the chance to join an email thread where these content contributors come with their potential topics. You can also associate with other co-authored blogs.

You can always influence your authorship if joined a strong author group and become active in the community. Share other posts, make comments and other activities.

4) Gets Influencers on Board

Guest posting can bring maximum ROI, but you won’t only be looking for appropriate blogs in your niches, but also the authority figure.

It’s become fairly easy to search for influencers in recent times with the following set of free tools:

#Google Search

Blogs having peak rankings are possible to have a good authority in search engines. You can search authority sites by keywords mentioned in your blog. Although you’ll have to use long-tail keywords instead of short ones for searching.

Example of a short keyword: digital

Example of long-tail keywords: best digital marketing institute


Use these keywords to find promising blogs until you make a decent list of blogs (30-50) to reach out to.

5) Brings Useful Community Feedback

As a guest blogger, you have an advantage if you’re active in the community; you will have insightful feedbacks from other contributors.

When you have talked about your expert areas, other experts may share their own ideas using the comment box. As such, you can further refine your content with their suggestions in mind.

If you want contributors to comment, try to add a CTA button in the conclusion paragraph.


6) Minimizes the Sales Cycle Hassles

The sales funnel is something challenging for all content marketers.

But, if you share your content through popular blogs, you are instantly making your target audiences familiar with your brand. Thus, you’ve adopted shortening of sales cycle method.

What else guest blogging can do for you; with this you don’t have to wait for getting worthy leads rather can introduce your brand’s value in your guest posts.

You just need to smartly pick and present topic ideas for your guest posts.


7) Generates Potential Leads

One of the basic steps to achieve a successful guest blogging strategy is the selection of the right websites.

Along with relevant niches, you also need to search sites that have immense traffic. This will help you associate with people who are already interested in your business offers.

If you’re a top guest blogger, this would help you in generating leads for yourself as well.

8) Targets Entirely New Audiences

Guest blogging is a nice way to reach people you wouldn’t normally reach. But, here you have to do something different from the pattern. You have been guided to search similar or relevant niches, sites that allow backlinking and much more. Here you have to discover an entirely new segment of audiences. You can do it easily with the help of guest posts.

9) Earns More Social Visibility

Social visibility is much needed when you’re looking for audiences through guest posts. You may not be popular like, or any other site, therefore, it would be your social connections which will make your guest blogging strategy successful.

You can leverage largely through social media and also tap the audiences of larger sites and bring them into your folds as well. You can be the next influencer if you adopted right tactics.

10) Enhances Social Media Shares

Apart from increasing social media connections, you also need to rouse your friend list to let your posts get maximum shares. Social media shares exponentially extend your online reach.

More is the number of shares, the more trust it will get in eyes of audiences.

If you’re going to submit your post to a blog having immense social media activities, then shares would come organically.

To make the process faster, consider adding highly shareable content in your guest blog and if infographics used, it can bring three times more engagement in social media over other posts.


Guest blogging is a nice way to drive traffic to your website. But for achieving all your objectives, you need to apply some tactics.

Above mentioned are the 9 benefits that guest blogging can bring to you.

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